Curly weekend Denmark

Nieuwegein to Fyns hoved.

The preparation: Partly because we Bennie had to breed a bitch in Denmark, we decided to consider this year the Danish curly weekend Fyns hoved to travel. It soon became clear that we are not the only ones who endure this on their agenda and after some wrist work showed that Mieke, Annemieke, Evert and Hetty had put here also their sights on. After having collected information showed that as in the Dutch curly weekende Danish curly weekend consisted of a work and a day where club show was held. The work tests they called it the Brugsprove and Marksprove B, this was obviously adacadabra for us and after some searching and some relationships have enabled these tests would not be so easy. Partly because all the lines were obtained from Danish ended with google translate, we have a reasonable, but sometimes managed to get a muddled translation. The Brugsprove consists of a tracking leash (1-2) and attended separately (2-5), a seat (5) and come on command exercise (1), a small report (1) and a test shot (1) this whole run like the doodle below a Q.The Marksprove appeared to be a beginner's class and open class and in both cases was that of a country aport, a water aport and looking lost (at least we took out the translation). Later it became clear that these exercises should be conducted separately from! So work to be done !! After we had trained a few times with Mieke, Annemieke, Evert and Sandra, the mood was in Denmark goers good at and enjoyed after every workout of some croquettes and some tasty drinks. The trip: With approximately 800 kilometers to go we left at about 4 o'clock in the night from Nieuwegein. We wanted to be present at the location around 14:00. Denmark is a place where most of us had never been and for me this was uncharted territory. Prosperous we went out and soon we drove on the autobahn towards the Danish border. At the border arrived, we watched a while surprised when we saw all those soldiers. In Denmark we could drive reasonably and we achieved through the Lillebæltsbroen to Fyn Island about 12:00. After this it will take a 1.5 hour before we were to go. Refueling whitens at this time to be the biggest challenge for our passes did not work at the devices and arrived at the checkout they had to give up in advance how many liters they refuel wanted, after some number crunching (queue became longer and longer behind us) we eventually and we were able to continue the journey. Finally we arrived at 14:00 at the campsite where we had rented a cabin. The cabin we had was actually hired for 8 people, but with 2 people and 2 dogs already very tight (and glad we were that we had a bucket with us because there was no toilet in the cabin present). After we had been out with the dogs (glaring at the sea), the Dutch enclave trickled in slowly.


Friday 20:30: Cozy was the meeting of the curly enthusiasts from Denmark and the Netherlands, while enjoying a Danish homemade cake and drink as acquaintance on behalf of the Dutch a schrobbelaartje, there were many hands shaken and were familiar with each other's arms. I have also met some lovely offspring Bennie and of course their owners. Soon went with us the light off and we decided tired from the trip to go to our bed.

Saturday 7:00 am: As up early because before the trials may start we had to drive more than five minutes drive away, in the end its location proved to be a nice one.

Brugsprove: Having to do with the Marksprove must first the Brugsprove successfully completed it. This was examined by Mr. Jensen and should only be done by Sandra, Fred Evert and Gera (met Mieke, Annemieke and Hannie had this already in previous years). Unfortunately, only succeeded Sandra and Fred Evert and Gera before and may again do about it next year. Bruno was later honored as best dog !!

Markprove B: In Markprove arrived beginners with the trial were doing and knew to tell quickly that had taken the test no one curly so far and eventually no one Curly bring them to the beginners. Bruno appeared after swimming in the sea a day earlier to have taken a cold water tail and could hardly sit longer and did not go into the water and was engaged in manly things (urinate). Annemiek with Malin were soon in relation to wildlife management. Mieke and Karan were also quickly (Karan had other things in his head). Hanny and Bruiser turned out at the end of the trial to have achieved the best results, but it was not successful. S 'afternoon it was time for the open class and it went much better. Although it was spicier than in the morning every dog ​​got here his qualification and I managed to get a 1st place with Bennie itself, there were finally two dogs 1st. The tests themselves I found easy (language was actually the biggest problem), only the last part (the look together) I felt very special and challenging (but Bennie had actually no difficulty). Rally O Fun: Something new for me, the Rally-O fun competition. Then there are all signs of commands on the field and you have to perform together in a parcourtje. Karan Mieke would have done the best of all and ultimately won the grand prize!

Dinner: The dinner arranged by the Danish curly club was very tasty and surprising because after the appetizer bleached there is also to be a main course (which was not clear, and many Dutchmen already were full after the appetizer) and for dessert we had (very special) all delicious sweets and candy bars.

The show: Sunday was the show day and it was a bright sunny day, in a location with breathtaking views. Led by the well-known Dutch judge Gera Horns were no Dutch best dog of the show, but we got a deserved Swedish winner "Lindbiski Ruotsinruusu" Lena Sunnås Lundgren. The Dutch team achieved good results with rave reviews. Proud I was definitely on Bennie's descendant Dark Sapphire Mandarin "Rine" which won best puppy!

The Dutch results: Males: BOS (CK) Roughyeds Poseidon "Bruiser" - Hannie Warendorf Best junior (CK): Bright Adventurer Tornado Beta "Miles" - Hannie Warendorf Intermediate class: Excellent 1 (CK) - Dark Sapphire Durian "Karan" - Mieke Miller Open Class: Excellent 2 (CK) - Chesscurl always a star "Bruno" - Sandra Bekema Open class: Excellent 3 - Constantine "Bennie" - Fred Bekema Open Class: Very good 2 - Elerrina Alderon "Jasper" - Evert Bots Females: Open Class: Excellent 1 (CK) - Bird Catcher Janice "Malin" - Annemieke van Luijk-Grevelink Champions class: Excellent 2 (CK) - Sun Greeting Elegast "Ibine" - Mieke Miller (CK) = Champions Quality Finally bet is awarded a prize for the best dual purpose of the weekend, Bennie was shared first and I am very proud of here. Wherever I am proud that despite Bruno is he still water tail had received excellent 2. But I think everyone can be proud of his / her performance and results. A curly weekend to remember and definitely worth a repeat.

Closure: The closure was definitely worth repeating because as it started in Holland Rading with croquettes and tasty drinks We took this weekende on Fyns hove also with croquettes and tasty drinks (thanks for the croquettes Evert). Mieke, Annemieke, Hannie, Evert, Hetty, Gera and Dirk Thanks for the fantastic weekend !!

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